Boldfit Fish Oil Omega 3 Capsules for men and women


About item:

Special IngredientsFish Oil
Item FormSoftgel
Diet TypeNon Vegetarian
Dosage FormCapsule
Flavour60 Softgels
IngredientsFish Oil


  • FISH OIL TRIPLE STRENGTH – TRIPLE BENEFITS : 1 Fish oil capsule for women and men Softgel Capsule Includes 1000mg Fish Oil, 550mg Epa & 350mg Dha. Omega 3 Is Beneficial For Heart, Joints Bones & Eye Health. More FishOil Means More Omega 3 And More Omega 3 Results In More Benefits. Why double strength fish oil ? When you can go triple strength! Embrace our Omega 3 !
  • SUPER ABSORPTION AND BIOAVAILABILITY : Unlike Most Fish Oil Supplements On The Market, Our Ultra-pure Fish Oil Omega 3 Is Extracted from wild fish Using A Proprietary Method That Concentrates The Value Of Omega-3’s For Enhanced Absorption And Superior Bioavailability. Fish oil capsules may also help joint support & strength.
  • EASY TO SWALLOW : Size Of The Capsules Is Comparatively Smaller So You Will Not Face Any Issue In Swallow Capsules Like You May Face With Those Bigger Fish Oil Capsules Available In The Market. Also You Can Avoid Fishy Burps By Taking It Between The Meals.
  • 1 SOFTGEL A DAY : Since This Is Triple Strength Fish Oil Supplement Only 1 Softgel Is Enough For The Day. 1 Bottle Will Give You 2 Month Supply. Preferably Take It Between Breakfast To Avoid Fishy Burps. Fish oil is also beneficial for hair, skin and nails support. Pair it with the Boldfit multivitamin and your nutritional needs for the month is sorted!
Fish Oil
Triple Strength Fish Oil
Epa Dha