Dr. NUTRA L-Caranitine Liquid for Weight Loss, Converts Fat to Energy, 450ml


About item:

Special IngredientsCarnitine
BrandDr. NUTRA
Specific Uses For ProductFat Burner, Stamina, Weight loss, Convert fat to Energy
Item FormLiquid
Diet TypeVegetarian
Dosage Form15mL Twice a day
FlavourGreen Apple
IngredientsL- Carnitine 1500mg Per Serving, Purified Water, Phosphoric Acid, Malic Acid, Natural And Artificial Flavor, Citric Acid,
Allergen InformationGelatine Free
Material FeatureVegetarian


Dr.Nutras l-carnitine liquid green apple flavour, muscle recovery supplement is transporting fats into the mitochondria for fat oxidation and energy production. It can help improve energy levels and exercise performance by increasing fat utilization, it also has a glucose-sparing effect during endurance exercise and helps delay lactic acid accumulation and muscle fatigue. It helps you to gain energy from the extra fat and keeping you healthy. It also helpful to enhancing performance, improve stamina and increase alertness. Dont lose the fat, use the fat instead.

Fast Absorption & Quick Action: Dr.Nutras l-carnitine liquid comes in liquid form as a result facilitating faster absorption as compared to tablets, powders and capsules
Ideal Supplement for Lean Muscles: Dr.Nutras l-carnitine liquid for men & women helps convert stored body fat to fuel by transporting stored fat to the muscle where it can be converted into energy . This may help muscle growth & may help you get lean muscles; Improved Athletic Performance: Dr. Nutras l-carnitine enhances your workout by releasing clean energy throughout your workout. This helps you improve your physique and helps to push yourself to your limits and break new records
Tasty & Easy To Consume: Dr.Nutras liquid l-carnitine comes in a refreshing green apple flavor that entices your taste buds and revitalizes you. No more hassles of mixing powders or unpleasant tablets. 3 table spoon (15ml) to get 1 tasty serving for two times daily
Package Content: 1 L-Caranitine liquid for weight loss; Quantity: 450 Ml