Neoprene Coated Adjustable Dumbbell with Weight Plate


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Item Weight14 Kilograms


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This gym combo is ideal for professional And Hoe gym training Ideal for professional and fitness lover In-Box
The hole is in the standard dimension of approx. 30 m, allowing you to use the weight plates on bars from different manufacturers. We currently offer weight plates in the following weight classes: 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, 4 kg & 5 kg. As further evidence of quality, the neoprene surfaces that we use have been checked for heavy metals/plasticisers by the renowned Intertek Institute
Brand quality: Weight plates from #KAKSS are always supplied in pairs ,are made of 100 % top-quality cast iron. Each weight plate is coded with a different colour of neoprene covering depending on weight class. The neoprene covering acts as a shock absorber when placing the weights down, therefore reducing noise and protecting the floor from dents and other damage
PACKAGE CONTAINS: 3kgX4pc NEOPRENE COATED WEIGHT PLATES IN GREEN COLOR INNER HOLE DIAMETER IS 27mm PLATE DIAMETER 16.5 CM BIRTH IS 1.5 CM 1 PAIR CROME PLATED SOLID IRON DUMBBELL RODS 2 PAIR CROME PLATED raining with weights increases your general fitness, but can also be used to help actively alleviate certain complaints, e.g. back problems. However, be sure to avoid unnecessary strain on your body as well as sudden or jerky movements during training, and always warm up thoroughly beforehand