Slovic Fitness Resistance Band – 42-inch Loop with Door Anchors


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Available in 8 Colors

BLACK (11 – 35 KG)

StyleBlack (25-75 LBS / 35 KG)
Tension Level25-75 LBS / Upto 35 KG
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COMPLETE WORKOUT EQUIPMENT: The Slovic exercise bands are made for both men & women, and are designed for pull ups & calisthenics, offering better support to enhance your vertebral stability.
VERSATILE BANDS: The pull up band is 42 inches long, & they are suitable for a variety of exercises including pull up training, squats, stretching, push-ups & bench press.
EXERCISE ON THE GO: The compact nature of the workout band enables you to use it at home, office, or while travelling. It comes with a sturdy and easy to set up door anchor that enables you to exercise without worrying about gym equipment.
EXERCISE GUIDE: The resistance band set includes a training guide that contains more than 30 exercises, so that you can perform every fitness activity properly with these workout bands & achieve your fitness goal.

Resistance Band RedResistance Band BlackResistance Band OrangeResistance Band Green
Resistance Pull Up Band RedResistance Pull Up Band BlackResistance Pull Up Band OrangeResistance Pull Up Band Green
Resistance Level7 – 15 Kg11 – 35 Kg35 – 50 Kg48 – 60 Kg
Length104 cm (Loop Length)104 cm (Loop Length)104 cm (Loop Length)104 cm (Loop Length)
Door Anchor
Physical Booklet
MaterialNatural LatexNatural LatexNatural LatexNatural Latex
Best Used ForNormal stretching, muscle conditioning and little support for pull upsStrength training, extra support for pull upsAdvanced strength training, max support for pullupsAdvanced strength training, max support for pullups with maximum resistance level